About Us

D.C. Poulton & Sons, continuing traditional values in Essex

David’s two youngest sons, George and William, joined their father in business after leaving school during the First World War; their elder brother having died in combat aged just 17. The original building on Epping’s High Street was one of the first in the town to have electricity, and DC Poulton was ahead of its time in other ways too after being the first funeral company in the area to use a motorised hearse. However its introduction wasn’t welcomed by all with many customers still preferring the horse-drawn hearse which we kept until recently.

Both brothers took over the reins of the business in the 1930s and during the Second World War were chosen by the Air Ministry to supply coffins and repatriate those who had lost their lives in raids leaving from surrounding airfields.

Howard Poulton followed his father and uncle into the funeral service after leaving school and, apart from a stint of National Service has been with the business all his life. His brother Roger, who joined soon after in the 1960s, closely followed him. It was around this time the business grew, relocating to our current premises on the High Street as well as opening further branches in the area to provide a more dedicated local service.

Today the experienced team at D C Poulton & Sons continues to conduct and arrange funerals with the same care, sensitivity and dedication as always.